EuRoleplay - A NutScript Schema

EuRoleplay is a work in progress NutScript Schema based on the 21st century’s European society.


Project Cancelled! [Download plugins here](!


Not Implemented Yet

Work In Progress



  • Import TDM Cars

  • Trunk System

  • Vehicle Lock

  • Vehicle Fuel Bar

  • Gas Stations

  • Color Picker

  • Standalone Garage / Vehicle Shop

  • Lights & Sirens (Photon)

  • Speed Radar


  • Fishing

  • Plant Mod

  • Mining

  • Woodcutting

  • EMTs (Still got to give them more things to do)

  • Revive

  • Medical Supplies

  • Revive System Overhaul


  • Restrain / Unrestrain

  • Search Trunks

  • Search Players

  • Jail

  • Jailbreak

  • Police Doors

  • Taser

  • Police Computer / Crime db

  • Checkpoint Builder

  • CCTV

  • Impound

  • Repo Truck


  • Fully Implement FA:S

  • Senator

  • Finalize Items

  • Crafting

  • Bank Robbery

  • Mafia

  • Delivery Missions

  • Drug Dealer

  • Door Breaching Devices

  • Cable Ties

  • ATMs

  • Add Map Entities

  • In Game Faction Apps

  • Licenses / Firing Range / Driving Test

  • Access cards

Requested by code_gs[/T]
Police Checkpoint Builder
Vehicle Shop GUI

Revive System / Defibrillator
Checkpoint Builder
Police Computer
Car Storages
Firing Range
Revive System 2.0

Chessnut - Nutscript

_FR_Starfox64 - Schema

Riekelt - Web Police Computer & Access Cards

Larry Gibbons - Rules & Laws (Anything that requires writing skills…)

Could you post some screenshots of the fuel and trunk system? That sounds promising. (Not to be rude, but you misspelled feel)

So basically perp remade in NS?

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Either way if it means a proper city rp will be born I am all for it.

Added some screenshots, Gonna change the silk icon to a box. I don’t know why didn’t I picked a cross…

This actually sounds quite impressing. (there originally was some text here about screenshots)
Good luck on the addon! :v:

Ah I love cityrp and I love nutscript. Please make this a finished reality, I’ll gladly host/play this any day! :v:

Add this to your schema at the bottom of cl_hooks (if it is there):
function SCHEMA:ModifyColorCorrection() end

Didn’t really saw a difference but if the great master says to add it I guess I should :wink:

Cable Ties added.
Cutters added. (Removes cable ties)

Gonna be finishing the revive system. Replacing /revive with the L4D2 Defib.
And I’ll be adding the medical supplies.

I’ve added a video of the revive system.

Seems awesome! Finally a change from the old PERP, and a chance for new servers to appear! Urrah!

Double this here, will be great to see something comparable that can give the same rush PERP has for me.

Looks amazing, any idea when it will be finished?
And what exactly do you need help with? Anything in particular?

Stuff that I need help with is pretty much all of the Police features.

Looks interesting. I can’t wait to give this a shot when it’s released.


The jail should be done, I just need to find someone to test it with.

I’m gonna stop working of Police functions for now and make the jailbreak and police computer when I done with the basic CIV stuffs.

Right now my priority will be to get the Plant Mod and the crafting recipes done.

Hit me up on Steam, I’m happy to help anyone with testing.

Hi, I’m interested to play on the first version of this Schema, I could host it for making it known.
I have the same language as you, add me on steam, I know some coders who can help you.

Hey starfox :wink:
I’m impressed with your work, and proud to say I’ve killed you several times while being a traitor, if you need anything hen you should know where to find me.

Thanks for the support guys :wink:

ATMs added
Withdraw / Deposit / Tranfert
Feature: Shitty Default Derma VGUI