Europe at War: U.S/English Front

Assess the threat

Assess the threat.

I’ll wait for a third.

head on

Assess the threat. (Also take up defensive positions… more or less…)

Guns blazing

Set up a Claymore AP mine.

I thought the brits were with the rest of europe, not the yanks.

Also, brit head is poorly fitted to brit body. Must hurt.

Go assess the buggery out of them.

Frist one

This seems very interesting. Go for the first one.

Assess the threat.


Lol, no offence man but what was the point in that. Seriously. It lacked the potential to make me ejculate all over the screen like a lactating super soaker.

Nah, I’m kidding I’d say assess the threat. :slight_smile: When the next ones ready, make the assesment :smiley:

M-m-monster bump: (also, changed the british model, this one is easier to pose.)

Keep in mind, characters can die.

Take them out.
Flash bang through the door!

let them get a few feet closer then open fire


Make the british soldier do a mock surrender, than the American, with his epicly accurate M4A1 with a ACOG Scope, snipes through two of the german’s heads, and the Brit finishes off the last with his M9.