Europeans can't see server unless using a filter

So as of about a week ago, my euro players cannot see my servers unless they tick off the “Has users playing” box in the legacy browser. Otherwise they have to add it to favorites or connect directly. People in the US / Canada don’t have problems.

I’ve tried:
Disabling all firewall rules

They also can’t see gmod tower and a bunch of other US servers so I’m thinking this is a bug on valve’s end.

On a side note, anyone know the criteria that the Steam server browser uses for ping order? It seems like some servers always appear first and others always appear last.

EU server hosts I’ve talked to report that they have the same problem with US people. I also cannot see 90% of the servers they show me in screencaps of their server list.

I have this problem too with my server (in the UK) so it must be on Valves side.

Maybe a mod can move this to general? It looks like this isn’t a troubleshooting issue.

Everyone I’ve talked to has the problem except for some reason, divinity darkrp.

I had the same problem with darkrp