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Time to back on

Double post?



umm I dont know how to delete my thread


if anyone know how to, then tell me

Wow awesome pictures, I really like the 1st one and the 2n last one!

You can’t delete your threads. You could edit the pictures in the last one but you made the new thread allready.

Cool pics.

thx man. If you are end my pics editing, then show me

I wanna see that as soon as

Also, where are these models from?

I dont know. one of my friend give to me


They are around somewhere in the releases section.

I took the time to search around for you, strange but without succes.

I’m pretty sure they are public and ddok released them sometime ago, I have them in my model folders. (And I really have NO connections to get private models :eng99:)


I edited one :v:

Looks very hi-def, nice…

RIm around neck areas is to sharp IMO.

Posing is okay.

Nice posing and angles.




Second rimlights ever.

Zeraxify, muzzleflashes are white in the centre. Only the glow should be coloured.

Rim-lighting should be slightly coloured the same as the lightsource, and not nearly as strong as this.

Also, rim-lighting only ever occurs when the light-source is behind the object, not in front (there are some exceptions, depending on the material of the object and the intensity of the light-source).

Awesome stuff

i actually kinda like it, looks like some kind of art or some sort.