Evacuees moving through CEDA barricade


Artistic’s if you like it :3:

I like, could use some DoF though.

Speedpost :smiley:

I was gonna use DoF originally, but I couldn’t get focus on all of the people, so I didn’t bother.

Aha, the limit of super DoF still saddens me :C I always get around 1 or 2 blurry characters using it.


pretty good man but CS_ASSUALT ARGGGG

Suggest other map.

They would have more then three guards.

4 plus others offscreen.

Quite good. I feel the camera is quite unnecessarily tilted though.

Nice dude.

The camera tilted sets me a bit off though.

Nice, but I think it could’ve used a bit more editing.

It isn’t that tilted.


I wasn’t sure of what to edit in more than some shadows and some color correction :confused:

Rather hard to see the 4th one, but have you watched resident evil 2 or 28 weeks later? Maybe I’m confused, but what are they evacuating from?

CEDA is included in the Left 4 Dead universe. They’re being evacuated to prevent spread of the infection.

My head is sideways

lol the Asian guys nose



“I love a man in uniform :)”

Awesome picture dude

You found it! I was waiting for someone to find that :v: