Evangelion model pack request

Hello can anyone make a model/ragdoll of the Evangelions ?

I’m not a big fan of the anime (it’s REALLY mindf*cking) but I really like the design of the mechs so please do it.

I’m sorry if i sound stupid because I’m still kinda new around here and also I found some other ones but 99% of the download links are not working .

Thanks in advance.

Wrong section, you need to post in the request section.

i see no request section.where is it ? link ?

so um,nobody wanna work on it ?

The EVA´s were ported in this pack: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/922681-Dt-s-Fancy-Model-Pack?highlight=

Note: Here only are the EVA´s 00, 01 and 02.

We are in request section ‘-’

Download link broken.