Eve from wall-e

Hey, I am requesting an eve model. It can be textured or untextured, textured would be nice though. But if it’s not I could always texture it. The model is for a sent I requested over on the sent forums.

Here are some reference pictures:



heres one, now i am wondering if sombody would port wall.E into gmod

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Yes :slight_smile: that is wot i wont to becuse eve is so hot to me :slight_smile:

This is a model pack that contains an eve model, along with some other stuff. I couldn’t find the model by itself, but here it is

I’ve got to give credit to the great jojobull for uploading this pack in the first place.

i love you i love you thank you you

you are weclome! i found it one day on garrysmod.org and just remembered it when you asked for one, so you’re welcome!

can you add me to steam

what’s your steam id?

its Combine

what’s your picture, there are a couple of people with the name combine

it as a pic of a man if the timeshit suit on

still can’t find it… just send me a friend request. my name is chainsaw_bunny

not need to i just add you k

ok ok i just had a dream a bout her now wots going on if me and fell in …

i got the model it kinda sucks…
i’d like to have a better one for a gmod movie.

maybe i could port eve from the wall-e game(i have the wii version).