Eve Of The War.


Test comic, if the reception’s atleast mild i’ll continue it


FP resized it, right click + View image then magnify

Your layout is really bad and the text is far too small.
Use bigger pictures. What’s with the green goo that’s coming out of that missile?

It’s smoke, it’s caused by a large-scale hydrogen acceleration.

Surely I must be dumb to question something like that as well as telling you that the comic needs serious reworking.

In the novel (which with H.G. Wells was oddly not included in the credits) the martian cylinders are seen with a green trail behind them.

The panels in this comic I think where just too small considering the detail that is in them also your ‘sound effects’ looked incredibly dull and uninteresting. I also hope that you aren’t just copying the lyrics/script from the musical as that apart from anything else makes it terribly unimaginative and to anyone who has heard it boring.

There is some promise here if you make the panels a tad bigger, make any sound effects look interesting and maybe work on that layout too (I’m not terribly keen on the lack of a stroke on the panels it just seems to give it an air of laziness to it which I am sure you are not).

This, also please keep in mind (I’m talking to the OP here) that not everyone has read WotW and know everything about it.

Yeah for the next comic i’m adding some short backstory to WOTW, and the layout will be better, i left it to my brother(Stupidly.)

I was about to say, “You’ve either seen the stage musical or played the game as the martians”, then I remembered your avatar.

I’ve pretty much seen the musical and heard it 100’s of times but i’m still working on huntin the game down

Yeah, same here.
When are you brits releasing the stage musical on DVD over here?
I mean jeez.

Next comic is Cylinder Landing/Horsell Common and the heatray, coming quite soon

Remember, the heat ray is supposed to be invisible.

Well for the purpouses of the comic it’ll be a bright red ray.

Awww… I was hoping it’d look like heat. You know, kinda blurred.

DISASTER! I can’t do the horsell common parts without a map

Make your panels bigger. Some of the text boxes I can barely read.

Direct any comments about the layout to my Brother, i let him do the layout and i regret it dearly.

Practice layout yourself, it takes a while but it is really worth it in the end.

Did you like the comic though dars

Eventhough I magnified the picture, I can’t read all of the text because it’s just far too small.