[EVE Online] "Flyable" Ships

It was stupid of me to upload this, so its gone. Sorry to waste everyones time with hoverballs.

Hold on. First you should tell people they need the EVE model pack. Second,I doubt anyone will like this. Nobody appreciates hoverballs. Not trying to be mean, just blunt.

Using a model pack and putting some hoverballs, thrusters, and a chair is not very original. Now if you had made the ship totally from PHX parts (like my PHX3 Caldari Cormorant) yourself then I would say “Awesome”.


Proof that you can port models from other games and spam hoverballs and thrusters on em?

Yes, youre most defiantly right about that I suppose. For the first part, I did put in the file description that you need the files and where to find them. I didnt put it in the thread also, just the download description.

Link please. NAO!