EVE Online model porting

SVN is ready.



Updates will be frequent.


Now, I cannot port anything at full-scale from the game because even the smallest ships dominate hammer-limit sized maps.


-Stations (two stations done, others are too high-poly to compile)
-Stargate(s) (Possible, but will be MUCH smaller than scale.)
-Jove shit (when I can find it)
-Various Carriers and Dreadnoughts

LUA-related goals:

-EVE-Centric basic gamemode
-Flyable ship SENTs with
i. Health
ii. Guns and Missiles
iii. Varying speeds
iiii. Abilities exclusive to industrial ships
-“Mine-able” asteroids (Shoot the asteroid with a mining boat, get money)

If you want to request a ship, just post a link to its page on EVElopedia.

ITT Begging for ISK:

Just a suggestion, but I can’t stay motivated on this forever. WINK WINK (send ISK to Kayne Tor.)

I was doing this for a while. Have you figured out the texture formats? One layer is the transparency, one’s glow, one’s bump, one’s another bump, and one appears to be a spec map. (Spread across like 3 textures)

How are you getting them straight before you rip?

Each ship has about 3 different textures, one is the base texture, the other two are bumps and spec. The glow is the alpha inside the base texture. I could be wrong, but that’s what I got from it.

As it stands I’m aiming just to get bump and spec working in Source, which is simple enough. All I need to do is fiddle with the VMT’s rather than the model itself.

0.15 scaled Naglfar? :3

I’ll try to make a 0.05 scale one if it isn’t too enormous.

Scaled nyx please

How about a dreadnought? Not anyone in particular, as big as possible would be great!#


Moros dreadnought? Now that I think about it.


If anyone here can help me out with the LUA I can turn some of these into SENTs like the Shuttle Van.

Nice portin’ there, bud.

Finished the Rokh, Drake and Moa. The Moa is kinda’ weird though because it uses sprites I don’t have.

How are you getting the models that you export from the eve files with triexporter into XSI? Also can you export the Erebus at whatever scale it will fit at in a spacebuild map? Also how many max-hammer sized maps would it take to hold it at full scale?

Oh yes. Yes, this is good. Keep it up Lankist! You’ve already got my favorite cruiser on there, so how about pulling me a Dominix eh? Also, what about drone models? Will those fit at full scale?

Tried to do a Charon but something’s wrong with the collision model. Unless people actually want that one I’m going to scrap it.

I’m going to start doing some of the Minmatar ships now that I’ve got a good collection of Caldari ships finished.

And by now I mean tomorrow.

I’ve got a friend helping me out with turning some of these bitches into flyable SENT’s.

Oh oh oh. Do a thrasher for me man. I’ll give you a nongay hug if you do!

Holy shit, awesome.

Can you get my Hurricane in :slight_smile:

Aight, I’ll add that one to the list. I should have an assload of Minmatar ships done tomorrow, I’ve already got a lot of the assets extracted.

On the less exciting front, I’ve also re-purposed some of my mapping work and created a make-shift pirate camp sort of thing centered around a hammer-made Rifter.

I hate to add in another request, but can you get the Nidhoggur as well?

I will if I can get the collision model to work properly. The bigger the ship the tougher it is to get it to compile correctly.


First pass of Minmatar ships finished. Next is the first pass on Gallente ships, and then Amarr.

I keep getting Memory Read errors in Gmod, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the models or simply because my computer needs a tune-up.