EVE Online Skill Viewer (WIP)

Work in Progress.

I’m making an addon that gets and parses the EVE API XML and making a skill manager (evemon-like) addon with it.

Here’s a picture of what the GUI looks like:

What this does is accesses your character sheet using your API key, it gets lots of information about you (skills, isk, training queue, etc.) It also parses the whole list of EVE skills and puts it all into a table with information about it (name, description, rank, groupid, and a table full of all the prerequisite skills needed.)

I haven’t finished everything yet, which is why this is a work in progress.

TO DO List:
Show training queue.
Notify when a skill in training completes
DONE: A skill browser, which shows you the time it would take for you to train it to the next level.
Plan trainer, which will export as a text file in your data folder for you to refer to.

Constructive criticism and suggestions welcome.

I am doing this because no one else has done it before.

EvEmon in Gmod?

I never really looked into the EVE API system, but it gave me an idea… thanks

I’m not entirely sure what usefulness this has to anybody, but I suppose it’s a good thing to learn from.

Maybe he is making it for Sunrise???

I’m not learning Lua, I am already an experienced Lua scripter. I’m doing it because no one else has done it before.

I’ve added all the other skill categories to the list, but I haven’t had any time to add anything else yet.

Of course, that’s why it says EVE Online Skill Viewer in the title.

Yeah, and it could have its uses. For example, if someone wanted to make an EVE-like gamemode for GMod, they could use all the items and skills from the real EVE, and perhaps even some character integration stuff

PS i’m tired so if i’m not making sense thats why

I see no use of this what so ever…

I do believe that would be against some kind of TOS that CCP has, not sure, but I’m willing to bet.

They will never know… :ninja:

It has been done before, just not in gmod. To me seems utterly pointless having it in gmod.

HUGE update from the previous screenshot.

I added:

Skill Viewer
All skill categories

That looks really nice dude. Can i have the code to see how you accessed the EVE API? Add me on steam :3

I used http.Get(), like this:

function GetSkillList(contents)
http.Get(“http://api.eve-online.com/eve/SkillTree.xml.aspx”, “”, GetSkillList)

Nice one, I see a use for this.

If you like eve-online, your waiting for some skills to be completed, but your playing Gmod to
pass the time, why not check them in game on Gmod so you don’t have to faff around using
the web browser or loading up eve to check if there done. Good idea man. :slight_smile:

:o i see no useful-ness in this… i mean, its impressive, but sad to some extent.

Seriously, enough comments saying ‘this isn’t useful’. If you can’t see any use for it, then don’t post…

And hows it coming along?