Eve: Oracle

Hello again.

I’m here to tell you about EvE:ORCACLE. It is a source animated sifi movie based around the online game, EVE. We have been working on it now for a couple of weeks and have made some progress, however we need more help finishing the project.

We need people to help in the areas of.

Prop design.
Set design.
Map design.
Prop animation.
Charector animation.
Special effects.

If you are interested PLEASE contact me through the forum or by contact me at…


Thanks for reading :stuck_out_tongue:

So, basically, you need everything?

I dare assume you’re “the idea guy”.

Ha no we won’t need “everything”.

The script is all done, the majority of the parts have been cast (still missing some major parts) and the charector skins are coming along nicely :slight_smile:

But what is YOUR job?

I am managing the project.

That’s basically the ‘Idea Guy’ in where you do nothing but just tell everyone what to do.

Yeah, you guys need pretty much everything done.
And you have no skills what so ever to contribute with.

We don’t take kindly to your type around here. :clint:

Oh really? Let’s see.

Texturer or modeler, I have no idea.

That’s basically the below, unless you need a person SPECIFICALLY dedicated to placing props.

Read; above.

Yeah, well, self explanatory. This also includes voice actors, I hope you realize this.

…what? Prop animation? :raise:

That’s ALSO texturing/modeling. Good luck finding a guy willing to do that for you and everyone else. Except there won’t be any ‘everyone else’.

Ah, the after effects, aka, editing.

The only thing I see missing is scripters, but that’s you. But since you’re also the ‘leader’, good luck with that.

If you’ve gotten so far, can you show us the synopsis?

Prop animation… you know…

Move props, ships etc around etc.

Somthing i should have probably said, i am personally doing ALL of the above, but at the current rate i will be done by 2089. So the team simply requires more man power :slight_smile: