Even a Metro cop needs a smoke break, if ya know what I mean.

First screenshot with 2 perspectives. No editing done other than in game effects. Could really use some criticism so I could possibly improve!

The blur effects are a little wonky, use Super DOF instead of simple, it has a much better blur effect.
Also try to zoom in to get rid of empty spaces on the sides. As for a final note, tuck in their ass’s, it looks like they are bending back wards for no reason. Hope this helps I’ll look forward for your improvment.

Yeah, good advice. Oh and about them looking bent over, as sad as I am to say this, I probably did the worst thing when it comes to making screenshots. I got Lazy

oh jesus i hope 640x512 isnt your monitors resolution

Would’ve been better if the trade-off looked less obvious.

Asses are a bit stuck out there, like C17 is twerk world or something. I’d say that is the only major issue, needs a bit more blur practice, but for early work it’s nice, I’d recommend the standing pose sTool to help you out until you can get backs right.

Ha, Don’t worry it isn’t, I just didn’t upload it at a larger size.

So how does he eat the weed

he has a special attachment for his mask

I have that one, in blue even

facepunch would be proud

For one, don’t do two views, pick a view and stick with it.

Why not?

Because no matter how many angle you do, it will still wont look any better.

I know it’s a bit late to respond to this, but I disagree.

I do agree that you should pick only one angle, but that is simply because the angle greatly determines how you actually pose ragdolls.
I know I’ve had ragdolls look completely derp from the right side but look totally normal off to the left and a little angled up.
Sometimes a secondary angle will work too, but it is unnecessary.