Even in death I still serve - Ultramarines dreadnought making a last stand against the greenskins

Just throwing this here.


Even though I personally dislike the Ultramarines, I wanted to have some blue in the picture to go with the orange hohoho.



No bonuses this time.

I am beyond words.

Astonishing work there my friend

That’s pretty badass.

<3 it
nuff said

I just can’t take this line seriously after this gif

Good job as always.

I was going to put “surf” in the title but that would have been a bit misleading :v:

Damn that looks good. Those orks are from that SVN Dow2 pack right?

Oh my gawd… that fire… those colours… your poses are just amazing! best warhammer pose I’ve ever seen!

That’s beautiful. Good job.

Cliff would be proud of your work.

One can find no words to describe this.

Fuck Yeah!

Purify the unclean!

Very good work.


We should talk more often.

Yep. Tried to remove the rimlighting but in the end my limited knowledge of phong shaders turned against me.

Who are you, and why the fuck are you not on my Steam list yet?

Now THIS. This is amazing! Even the music fits properly! And the fire! Damnit, Good work man!

Thank you and welcome to Facepunch.

the emprah would be proud

I am the ancient legend… Divided!

I am nothing but mere remains of a once famous comic maker on the facepunch forums cough



Those are my steam accs:P

I’ve been spotted!

Nice blood and fire edits.