Even in death the Heavy still serves [BLUmperial Dreadnought]



Notes for babies:
-I forgot to add shells coming out of the gun.
-Was going to do a Heavy Warboss, but found it too difficult.
-I use BLU as the Marines, and RED as the Orks.
-Unneeded note
-I like cartoony muzzleflashes
-The shadow sucks a bit
-Phones lol
-Fucked up the viewport a little
-Notes end here

Cry some more C&C!

Fucking awesome. These Team Fortress/Warhammer pics are really good!


Holy crap…that’s pretty fuckin’ cool.

I demand comic, now.

I’m bad at making comics :frown:

I wouldnt say “bad”, if even only the pictures are this quality.

The biggest problem is that I don’t have patience to make comics.

i love you
You should make a yellow dreadnought and have it screwing a green scout’s mom while the scout watches with the caption “EVEN IN DEATH I STILL FUCK YOUR MOM”. (angry marines)

Is it just me, or is filesmelt down?

Seems to be.

As I said to that Scout Car, we’ll need an Adv. Dupe of this, thankee very much.


This :flashfap:

Aha oh wow. That is awesome.

Awesome. Just awesome. :neckbeard:

I could dupe the car, but not this, as nothing is constrained, just nocollide-all’d.

Reminds me of the Wolverine in Tiberian Sun.

Reminds me of what it is blatantly based off:


I wouldn’t be surprised if those were rip-offs.