Evening Shift


Everything is nice apart from the posing.

Posing is really horrible.

Did you tuck in his ass?

can’t even see the picture,but judging by the comments,i guess it doesn’t matter…

I can see his waist is a little off, but I don’t see it being that awful. Please be more specific when critiquing the posing so I can make note of it at later times.

Like they said. His butt is sticking out. Tuck it in. But awful is a strong word. A tip. Review the pose from every angle before deciding to take the screenshoot. Especially from the side.
I like the scenery.

The posing is horrible. Its like every single part of his body is broken and you used simple DOF.

As a rule of thumb, you’re supposed to tuck that butt in

I’d mug it.

Here is a slightly edited version. Forgot to save the game I was using so I figured I’d use PAINT.NET to fix the lighting a bit. Hopefully the change in lighting makes the waist stand out less.


Now it looks like he is standing like a girl, But I like the idea

What if the CP is a girl?

Nothing is that good in the picture. Nice try though. I can see what you are going for, but it’s just not working out for you. Try to be more realistic.


Is this any better?

Much. I give you a board of wood.

I agree with the bad posing

Much better, you should edit the OP so it shows this, not the bad one.