Event falling?

So i started my Gmod server and i was just nocliping, and each time i got speed, i lost all my items and got and event_falling weapon that was just waving arms, im wondering what this is, please tell me, thank you.
P.S. telling me where this addon is installed would be nice so i can get rid of it.

Have you tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod?

That’s my addon. Just uninstall my base. I haven’t touched my base in 100 years and I’m not going to until I finish my rewrite of it, which will be released in May/June.

No, but its a server issue, not mine.

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Whats the addon called so i can uninstall it?

I am guessing here.
buu342 Steam profile, then Workshop items. Which lands you, here.
There are a couple of addons with adjective “falling” in them, so just simply try these out, like unsubscribe from each.