Event on a TTT Server?


As Christmas is approaching, our little staff team on our little TTT server wanted to do some events on the weekend, with a giveaway at the end. So we are basicly clueless what kind of events we can pull of in TTT mode.
We already had a idea, we make one guy traitor and everyone else innocent, then announce the traitor’s name and it’s basicly catching the traitor. Also some normal DT (Team Detectives vs. Team Traitor) would be possible.
A kind of big problem is how to do that, it’s quite a lot of manually work, adding everyone to traitor/innocents etc…
Sooo does anyone know good event ideas?


**Increased Traitor Rate **- 3 traitors for every 5 players on the server.
**Increased Detective Rate **- 2 traitors for every 5 players
Weapon Spawning - You spawn with a Sniper, and you can only pickup Snipers [Snipers vs. Snipers]
**Equal Traitors vs. Equal Innocents **- 5 Traitors for every 10 players
Just a few ideas.

Christmas weapons!

There’s plenty of weapon models that are christmas themed, such as candy canes for crowbars.

if a santa sleigh model exists you could change the headcrab launcher (if you have one) to be his sleigh crashing, with model swapped headcrabs to be gnomes

Snow! And if you have time to program it, maybe a tag event? Like hot potato, but no one has weapons, one person is traitor, and when they touch an innocent, they are turned into the traitor.

All nice ideas :slight_smile:
We will definitly put some xmas weapon skins on.
Also we have already a few snowy maps.
@code_gs the problem is, we can’t really programm well and also we don’t have the time for it, so we need events that you can pull of in vanilla or with an existing addon.

99% traitor rate
so everyone is a traitor except one person

reduce the gravity with sv_gravity
300 for moonish gravity, 600 for normal
sometimes i change it repeatedly from a really high positive number to a really low negative number so everyone flies up, falls down and dies

how nice

Do I smell some… ADMIN ABUSING?!

Quick advice, before/after you do this, ask the people on the server if they’re okay with it. Some players don’t like being messed with, but usually don’t like to speak up about it, and asking usually shows that you’re friendly.

I am aware of all this. it is also why i do not host public servers anymore. I obviously do not reccomend this if you wish to keep a player base

Another idea you can do is add weather. my_hat_stinks has a good weather addon that you can just use the snow weather effect of, even has sound effects. It would work very nice if you want to do a seasonal event.