Event: Radioaktiv Rain

I already Posted this in the legacy forum

How about this:
Sometimes the Sky becomes** cloudy **and **green you can hear some Lightnings and it starts to Rain.
Youre Radiation level slowly raises which forces you to find a point where you are safe from the rain.
People using the Radsuit dont take any Radiation and are free to travel <- that makes them actually useful
Or you run around with the
Radpills **which would be more Important then.

All in all its a good idea in my own oppinion
-its realistic
-and it fits the rust theme Radiation and mutaded enemy`s
-animals could be affected too
-Items get more Important

Think about it.

don’t think it needed reposting, the idea would be only be applied to experimental anyway since legacy is frozen.

I like this idea. Especially with this weeks devblog discussion of the event system they are implementing. Rad suits should reduce rad increase rather then void them all together but this would be a nice addition to events. The weird mutant creatures they have planned could be either more common or stronger in areas under the effect of this rain.


I like it :slight_smile:

if i had to chose one event out of Radioactive Rain rain and cargo drops i’d chose Radioactive Rain.
but it would have to be rare and like you said the sky would show signs of it occurring.


Yes and yes. Plus as someone suggested in the other thread, it could affect some the trees. And i will repeat myself, but it could also affect animals and plants and mutate some of them.

We do not go into the irradiated forrest … :yarr: