EVENT: Temporary LightRP server

My friend and I are starting up a temporary LightRP server and all of you are welcome to come… We will be using the DeRP gamemode which is LightRP but with less exploits, less crashing, hunger mod, and a fancier HUD (and I think a few other things but i’m not sure). I’m gonna be bringing in a few other props from other maps like the shields for the CPs in hometown1999 and amsterville… also some of the tools and soda cans from amsterville.

Name: Z&S DeRP

Map: rp_cscdesert

rp_Oviscity_b3 download - http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/8422
rp_omgcity download - http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/19756
rp_cscdesert download - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=3952
rp_hometown1999 download - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=15698

IP address: TBA

Time: TBA (around this Friday)

Tools that you can use: Phys gun/Gravity gun/Tool gun

Warning: There might be a few crashes but the server will restart in a minute or so.

So just post if you want to and what you think about this

IMPORTANT: We need to get a certain amount of people for this or else this is just not gonna work out. So just post if you’re going to come… around 10 people should be good.

Any questions just contact me on steam (search superw0rri0) or just PM me on FP

I’m coming.


Added name, map, and Tool trust is allowed

Can I suggest not using hungermod? It just results in “Oh crap I’m going to die and ruin this roleplay, got anything to eat?”. Really you may as well let hunger be roleplayed as opposed to forced.

I’ll come, as long as it’s not after 6 PM EDT.

Having a simplified hunger mod, which slows you down and messes with your vision instead of killing you, could work, but I agree that letting people RP it is better.

So this is temporary? Fuck.

I sadly, won’t be joining you guys.

Might swing by, that is if my PC doesn’t melt over the next couple of hours. Shits running hot as fuck.

If this goes well, I might make a server for this kind of RP.

Just need to know what time it is, and it all goes swell.
After 17 PM EST its perfect for me.

If you need help with that I would if you want me too. But I won’t have much time left cause i’m gonna be busy soon.

Alright guys… thank you for your support… I’m still getting the time could be a day before I get it.

And yes It’s sadly temporary. But on the bright side, If this goes well my friend and I just might run a dedicated 20 man server in a few months.

And about hunger mod: According to the guy who made this game mode it’s kind of slow and once it gets like 20% you slowly lose health… slower than your hunger goes down and then the lower your hunger is than the faster your health goes. Even if it gets to 0 it won’t kill you right away just later. And all you have to do to satify your hunger is go to the Comic Props section in your Q menu and then spawn in some food and press E on it and your good. I still haven’t checked out the gamemode. I guess I could show you the link to it.

Here it is:

But my friend and think it’s a good gamemode. The only problem that I have with it is the HUD. It’s too fancy for me and I prefer the old LightRP HUD, but it’s the best we got so we’re using it.

Any other suggestions would be just fine and if we need to disable hunger mod I’ll be more than happy too.

Alright guys we’re gonna start this up in like 45min or so. So get ready men!!! I’ll be off for now I need to get ready to go to my friend’s house to get this thing started.
see ya there guys!!!

I’m comming.

I’ll post the IP adress once it’s up


Sorry that it’s not up yet… it’s taking longer then we thought it would… just gotta download a few things like gmod, dedicated server. it’ll be up in maybe 10-20min.

Is it up?

Now it’s up… server name: Z&S DeRP

map: cscdesert

IP?..I doubt the server will show up in my list knowing my luck.


Wait, found it. But my ping, it will rape you.

Can’t find it in the list. Can someone give me the ip?

Wanna see a LightRP face lift???



Sounds cool might try it sometime.

Except this servers looks nothing like that :v: This is a fun little RP, casual, but still RP. It was fun playing.

Yeah I know. I’m just showing you what I have done with LightRP. I have derma menu new hud time, and scoreboard.