Ever heard of a server owner like this?

I have played a lot of servers in my past but NEVER heard of anything like this;

The owner of [G-S] DarkRP spends ALL Donations on himself, Buying himself new games, buying himself items in-game etc etc, I am pretty sure that all donations for a server of that scale should be used to better a server and help increase it’s popularity, Yes I was an Admin on [G-S] But I have never known an Owner of a community like that be in-active himself, So basically I am posting this just to warn everyone that this is what he does, Gizmo you have been named and shamed and I AM the reason why your server is surviving for another month, And I get no respect for it, Seems legit?

Edit: Also I don’t care if you have rated this “Dumb” Because the Dumb people are you who donate to him.
And the funny thing is each and everyone of those “Dumb” rates are from his “friends” haha.

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Not true tbh he doesnt spend the money for himself he uses it to pay for the server etc

If you go through his steam account you can see all the games he recently brought, he pays for games, plays them for 1 hour, never plays them again. He has over 100 games that he doesn’t even have 1 hour played on. Over 70 games unplayed. Then he joins the server saying it will go down in 3 days so more people will donate so he can get more fucking money to buy his stupid ass games for just to gain steam level.

200 Games*

Sounds like Jiggly’s Fun House…

I rated you dumb because I don’t know who this is, but they’re donating TO HIM. They choose to, he can spend the money however the fuck he wants.

He should be spending the money go keep the server up, not buying games just go gain steam lvl.

it doesn’t matter what he spends his donation money on
if he put that money straight to server costs he’d have money spare to go do what he is doing with the donation money already
it makes no difference in the end

But he doesn’t even put money to the server he begs people to donate just to keep him up another month.

If you don’t want to fund his gaming habits, don’t donate for admin. I agree with the dude above you, he can spend it as he pleases. It’s his money now not yours.

Also, I love how the two of you just registered today. Did you really register just to tell us about something we don’t care about?

I don’t think you understand
if he pays for the server himself, it doesn’t matter what he spends that direct server money on. still goes towards the server funds in the end

The accusation is easily made. I agree that Gizmo can spend it as he pleases. What people don’t know, is that the MOTD, custom money printers, donation system and a custom F4 skin are all paid scripts. These scripts were paid for with donation money and were purchased to make his server more fun to play on.

This claim is not backed up by evidence. It is also false because of what I just said.

If the server is up, then obviously some money goes to the server.

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No the server is only up because I Paid for it to be up this extra month. Otherwise he’d of been down.

Now who’s ninja’d

This is a load of crap. The donation money go’s into the server, other wise how would the server still be up?
He buys his game with his own money , So im just guessing some one is a little pissed that something happen to you.

Why are you funding a server that you obviously have a problem with? You’re making this out to be such a big dramatic ordeal that he doesn’t spend the money the way you think he should, yet you’re giving him money?

This is all hilariously bad.

Also, I don’t think you understand what ninja’d even means :v:

That’s not how “ninja’d” works.
Also, you’re not making yourself very popular by saying this:

Sounds like there’s no discussion left then, is there?
Also, aren’t you calling yourself dumb?
“If you donate to Gizmo -> You’re dumb”
“I donated to gizmo”

Why did you “pay for it” (if you really did) if he’s just gonna buy Steam games? Why would he not pay for the server when it’s only gonna make him more donations?

And you obviously have no idea what ninja’d means.

If you know he doesn’t need the donation money then don’t donate. It seems very obvious. Also, it’s not impossible he bought those games with his own money and doesn’t want to pay out of his pocket for the server if he knows that he can get enough donations to keep it going.