Ever wanted to turn yourself into any model ?

This thread is made to explain how you can easily turn yourself into any model located within the world which you are in.

You simply spawn any model, a barrel an NPC - anything, and follow these few steps.

First create a NPC.
The best NPC’s are: Any bird, Alyx, Kleiner, Monk, Eli, Gman, Headcrabs and the Vortigaunt.

When you have spawned your selected NPC, you type: cl_entityreport 1 in the console.
After you’ve typed it in, a list should pop up. The only thing you want to look for is: ca1_basenpc.
Next to that, there is a number - remember it.

When you’ve got the number type in console: cl_pdump <the number>.
And then a new list will come up, and there you look for m_nModelindex.
Find it and remember the number next to it.
(Then press cl_pdump -1 to remove the list)

When you’ve done all that, enter the final code into the console: ent_fire !self addoutput "modelindex <the number>"

Now you should successfully have turned into your selected model, congratulations.

PS: For this to work, sv_cheats must be 1.
And if you want to see if you’ve been successful, type kill in console.

Model Manipulator has that kinda function too.

Well, well. I guess it wouldn’t hurt having this as an option too…

Sounds complex, do animations and stuff work?

lua_run player.GetByID(1):SetModel( "models/Kleiner.mdl" )

Do want. Also yes I want to know.

Model manipulator has that function, but it only works on models that have player animations…

It should perform animations and such, yes.

Edit: You can use this in Half Life 2: Deathmatch, and Counter Strike: Source as well.
Probably several other games too, games that might not support the easy adding of LUA codes.

Doesn’t work with chell. My gun is in her crotch.

Would you rather your dick was there?

The point is she doesn’t have the same bone names/attachments that the rest of the models do, so they don’t link up, and therefor go to the models crotch.