Ever wonder how people have prefect aim at night on rust?

No doubt there are many hackers on rust that use light hacks, well you can just counter this by simply playing around with your graphics card settings…

Sorry for being late…

Ya garry needs to bring back the pitch black nights so gamma isnt as strong.

Yup that is true but I think he should make banning hackers priority No.1

I would love to see a night in which you can still see okay-ish, but only in a radius around your character. So make a line of sight during night, which makes it near impossible to see anything normally after a certain distance, which ofcourse is much closer than it is now.

Yea that sounds pretty reasonable

I got killed a few times during the nights by people with an abnormal nightvision capability. Combined with the other hacks they were using I was pretty chanceless.

A friend of mine has a monitor which allows him to simply turn the brightness/gamma up to see better at night (more than me and other friends) gives him a slight advantage. Since his aim is pretty bad nobody really has to worry about him, but the radius idea would be great solution to overcome the different specs that people play with.

Subtle particle effect that accents the lighting level at night. upping the gamma on your screen would increase the particle intensity, rendering your screen static-y and worse than if it were dark. Gamma usage solved. As for light hackers… EAC is on the job :smiley:

You can try and get rid of hackers but they will keep coming :P. But ya hackers are a much bigger problem.

At night time before and after the patch that changed night; I couldn’t/can’t see shit. Once it’s dark I’m completely blind. My buddy though (without making changes to anything) can see okay. Enough for him to get around and he’s always shocked that what he can see I cannot.

I don’t mind though. Night time is crafting time for me.

sometimes…games mix reality with non reality…Rust is one of them. I won’t get into much but you can’t replicate full reality in the sense of human vision. Most of us have pretty good night vision and there are very few times it’s actually “pitch black”. Rust has pitch black…not very realistic.

Now if something came close, might work. I’m hoping Rust will have more light sources via all those user suggestions…I have ideas but not suggesting any. I’m just some guy. :slight_smile:

**ARMA **ALREADY HAS THIS http://i.imgur.com/ZVK0Qhm.jpg

… something like this surely could be implemented in rust as well.

That looks like arma 3 alpha?? where is it Dayz?

dayz is on arma and it doesnt make a fucking difference cuz thats not the point, smartass.

woah woah woah, no need to get hostile buddy :slight_smile: it’s not that no one cared, I was on that thread too, I saw your post, it was acknowledged :slight_smile:

I don’t think there are any “light hax” out there, but 90% of players toy with their gamma so they can see OK or even well at night. This happens on all servers. As an admin, I don’t care about that at all, we modded the night cycle on our server so it’s shorter (1 min, but it still lasts a good 3-4 min because of dusk and dawn which are part of the day cycle) so that users doing this do not gain a significant advantage over others. This way everyone is happy. Most players (including those using gamma are really happy when we manually skip night, we might take it out completely (although many like night for loot transfers and raiding purposes).

I’d be fine with a particle or vision cut-off at night myself, but as it stands now, I’d rather have no night at all than having 90% of the people see well and 10% be totally blind cause they can’t figure how to play with gamma or feel it’s “cheating”.

You should really put more effort into researching then Deicide . There are “light hax” just google it and you shall see
And about the topic , I guess they will do something about the gamma in the near future , as you see they already made great progress with the game and the next update will be a big step most probably .

The screenshot clearly shows the Arma III logo. DayZ SA is using a modified Arma II engine, not Arma III.

You are assuming that I care about such a hack (whether it exists or not). I’m an admin on a server and I already have my boots full with the real hacking thats going on. The light issue isn’t a significant issue for me, you can achieve daylight vision with just gamma so hack or not, it doesn’t change anything to d the discussion here.

If / when there is a particle change that really blocks gamma then yes, I will definitely start caring about people using hax to counter this. It will be very easy to spot too.

I am aware of what the screenshot shows, thanks. ALso i was never saying its arma 2, JUST ARMA. What the fuck is your point besides wasting time being nitpicky? Point is a system to prevent gamma abuse exists and surely could be implemented in Rust with relative ease as well and I thought people might be interested in how its done.

That lighthack is part of the big pack that goes along with the aim,wall and so on . It’s literally a way more stronger permanent flashlight. It’s important to know about it because if you catch a cheater with only that on you will think it’s gamma because of not knowing the difference and you won’t ban him . (not sure if you use the instant print screen method)