This ADMIN HARBORS Hacker friends over the value of well put together players on his server will ban if you contest one of his hacker friends
Server is definitely not worth your time. Admin seems to support one of the hackers and will ban you if you dont like his decisions. if you can get good in with the admins then you will have a great time. If not get ready for some great admin abuse
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God Hand: they DDosed
God Hand: Frito and AIDS?
God Hand: still DDOSin?
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God Hand: {LINK REMOVED - Please don’t spam, and be wary of scams.}
God Hand: ts.dirtnapgaming.com
Dr Paarthurnax: dirtnapgaming?
God Hand: ya bud
Dr Paarthurnax: that teamspeak?
God Hand: ya
Dr Paarthurnax: That link is invalid.
Dr Paarthurnax: You can see clearly.
Dr Paarthurnax: It is not even working
Dr Paarthurnax: “Detected”
Dr Paarthurnax: Closed.
God Hand: ?
Dr Paarthurnax: Read the thread
God Hand: theres something somewhere
God Hand: theres no way 15 rounds are gonna get nullified by a med from chest up
God Hand: i coulda barrel stuffed him
Dr Paarthurnax: They is no current godmode
Dr Paarthurnax: There*
Dr Paarthurnax: I told Tropical that if he doesn’t stream 100%
Dr Paarthurnax: He will be banned.
God Hand: hes using something
Dr Paarthurnax: He could be
Dr Paarthurnax: So if he kills you again
Dr Paarthurnax: immediately go to his stream
Dr Paarthurnax: if it is down
Dr Paarthurnax: tell me
God Hand: nah dude im done
God Hand: i just lost all my best :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Dr Paarthurnax: I only play with players that can handle the game for what it is.
Dr Paarthurnax: You roll with TheLeader who is formerly King Troll with over 35+ hacking complaints.
God Hand: he doesnt hack tho i know him irl
Dr Paarthurnax: EXACTLY
Dr Paarthurnax: MY
Dr Paarthurnax: POINT
Dr Paarthurnax: You ALL accuse each other.
God Hand: he doesnt spray people
God Hand: like most these scrubs
Dr Paarthurnax: You’ve only aided in my arguement here.
Dr Paarthurnax: I don’t like the accusations, it is very tiring.
God Hand: i dont give a :heart::heart::heart::heart: about troll or anyone else
God Hand: what i did and i saw i know
Dr Paarthurnax: You just said you know him in irl.
God Hand: ya
Dr Paarthurnax: So, my point was, you know he doesn’t hack.
Dr Paarthurnax: So, now switch to my eyes.
Dr Paarthurnax: You’re complaining that Tropical hacks. He has about 16+ reports.
Dr Paarthurnax: His irl friends know he doesn’t hack.
Dr Paarthurnax: What if they are both just bloody good?
Dr Paarthurnax: King says he is really good.
God Hand: king is a good shot
Dr Paarthurnax: Tropical says that he is really good.
God Hand: but he doesnt soak up :heart::heart::heart::heart:ING BUILLETS like a sponge bro
God Hand: u see what im getting at
Dr Paarthurnax: I’ve gotten complaints that King Troll is running around in god mode deflecting any bullets that hit him.
Dr Paarthurnax: I guess, he is a sponge too.
Dr Paarthurnax: One report here that says “King Troll was shot 5 yards away from me 5 times with a shotgun. He turned around and “sprayed” me to death. He is aimbotting, ESPing, and has godmode”.
God Hand: screw it bro ima just post about this on the forums bc it just seems like ur trying to steer away of what just happened
Dr Paarthurnax: Post it.
Dr Paarthurnax: What are the forums going to do?
God Hand: kill ur server bc it seems like ur defending Trop by using King as a scapegoat
Dr Paarthurnax: Go for it.
Dr Paarthurnax: I don’t talk to immature people.
God Hand: admin abuse also
God Hand: GG have fun having no players
Dr Paarthurnax: Bro, enjoy your new server.
Dr Paarthurnax: You have 0 idea how to run a server + even know what admin abuse means.
Dr Paarthurnax: I’d like to see your definition.

Right here is a Discussion on what happened moments ago before i posted this.
The admin is clearly steering away from what JUST TOOK PLACE while 2-3 admins were on and we WERE Streaming live with 5 witnessess. Server Contains abusive ADMINS who teleport around the map to farm and kill players once in awhile. They cover up for friends that are hackers. The day before I got shot inside my house from 300 yards away with a revolver along with someone else that got hit by a stray inside their house. We reported 3 Reports on their website and DR Paarthurnax is the server owner. Everytime people had valid accusations he would just say hes overwhelmed and cant do anything. Its funny though he was only Overwhelmed when it was Certain people. And a Message for DR Paarthurnax, you do not play on your own server its really stupid and drives people away I hope everyone who reads this can see it is clearly not worth any time spent to be on your server(constantly getting DDOSed, Super surges of Lag, Constantly multiple hackers on During primetime that are not banned. You really are just killing the server yourself by being a lazy and abusive Admin. Good addons but ran poorly by the people. Your admins didnt even know the console commands for people that needed a hand. Thanks was fun until you didnt wanna do anything about the hackers sincerly from 17 of us we hope ur server dies.
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God Hand Just now
Might i add Also he banned me from the server when i called him out on using a friend of mine as a scapegoat to cover for the Tropical guy we were talking about. Might i add also my friend got dropped really fast out of 3 he then killed my friend outside of where we C4ed. I came out and lit Tropical up 15 consecutive shots CHEST up to Head before i got 2 shotted in the chest. While i spammed LRG Medkit something is def not fishy there right?
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God Hand Just now
friend screenshotted this after i was banned for promising to post about this abusive admins server

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

You sure that’s everrust? That’s not everrust’s IP. Although they also have some bad admins and one in particular (Spoon) allowed a known cheater to change steam accounts and play on his team and hid his identity for days while everyone in the server guessed immediately who it was since there was instantly a new player on his team after the other got banned. Their server is dead with 0 players now though, so I doubt you’re talking about everrust.

i don’t know why, but i took the time to read the whole conversation.

it actually hurts your argument, because it shows the admin wasn’t being abusive, he was literally trying to have a legit discussion with you about how he can’t just ban someone because of your word alone. He even said he’ll investigate, “if he kills you again like that and turns his stream off, we’ll be watching and take action” And you rage quit, and basically tried to blackmail him with threats of making this thread.

he tried to work with you, and instead you left. Your “proof” actually just showed that there wasn’t admin abuse.

I actually ran into abusive admins on the same server, one of their “Trial Moderators” teleported to his friends and shot me and MY friends while we were fighting. When he was called out on that, he teleported into my base threatening to ban me, and repeatedly kicked me from the server. Their “Head Administrator” is nothing more than a child on an ego-trip, if you even QUESTION his word, he will ban you and say you were being disrespectful to him, and that he doesn’t “deserve” that.