Every 15 minutes or so, my GFX bugs.

i always see this strip of purple and black bricks on the top right corner of my screen, as i play at some game server, my graphics turn into purple and black blocks, any ideas on how i can fix this?

You’re missing a material. Screenshot please so we know what’s missing.

i have the same problem, any fixs would be greatly appreciated

As lavacano said, you’re missing a material, so it simply shows the default material which is the pink/black one.

It’s most likely because you’re lacking a game, like CS:S or EP2 and so on, that the server is using files from.

Or maybe you’ve just turned off the setting to download files from servers in your options menu?

But a screenshot would greatly help us identify what materials you’re missing.

I have the same problem
Here’s a screenshot

Do you own half life 2?

Edit: Looks like your graphics card is fried.

or overheating

Thing is it only happens on this game and not immediately. Yeah I have Half Life 2 and its installed. Its only started happening after I reset my game after the chat box stopped appearing.

i have the same problem and i dont think its a graphics card problem…