Every character on my DarkRp server is spawning with the cop weapons

As what the headline says. My dark RP server won’t work correct. I need help to fix this problem cuz It’s kinda annoying.

I have already try the “sbox_weapons 0” command, but players still get cop weapons while spawning with a character.

(The weapons people is spawning with is "Batering Ram, unarreststick, arreststick, stun stick, weapon checker)

Please help me :frowning:

This may be because you are the server owner. There is a command for admins to spawn with cop weapons. Try it out with a friend, who is not an admin.

Press f4 go to admin, and press “admin’s spawn with cop weapons” twice.
damn was ninja’d
Hey whats the servers ip? maybe i’d join ^.^ lol

When i joined the server when i hadn’t fix me as admin on the server, i got the weapons. But maybe i should try the admin command for spawning with cop weapons


Okey that worked. Thanks so much. The IP is: