Every gamemode I launch is called "Sandbox"

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a problem with srcds, when I launch a gamemode, like fretta, base gamemode or terrortown ( Or RP gamemode ), the gamemode is called : Sandbox, and not “fretta” for fretta “TTT” for terrortown and “Base Gamemode” for Base Gamemode etc. I search everywhere in the garrysmod folder ( of the server, of course ) GetGameDescription(), there is not result except for Base Gamemode, but this not conflict. I’ve tried to put in lua : “function GM:GetGameDescription() return “Blabla” end”, but this not works, I’ve tried to rename GM.Name “Sandbox” to “Blabla” for test, not working.

I don’t know how to do guys, if you know or if you want to help me, I’ll appreciate it, for sure.

( Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french, and french s*cks. )


hi skylix,

it SOUNDS like what might be happening is you are trying to use a gamemode with no init.lua.

by default, if you try and run a gamemode that is doesnt have an init.lua it will error in console saying the gamemode doesnt exist and it will continue to run sandbox.

i know this might sound stupid but are you sure you are uploading the changed file/s BACK to the server?

i know sometimes with filezilla files dont always transfer successfully so it might be something to look into?

pretty much make sure that (if you have more than 1 server) its on the right server and that the file/s you are changing are actually being uploaded to the server.

Hi, G4MB!T, thanks for you answer, but it’s not that, because the gamemode who I’ve been running works perfectly, and got a init.lua, when we are on the server, we are on the gamemode launched, and not on the sandbox, this is just the server info have “Sandbox” but he should have “NAME OF THE GAMEMODE.” Just that.

No idea ?

I believe there was an issue after an orangebox update that made game servers only show the gamemode the server started on, e.g. if you first started in sandbox then switched to another gamemode it would still display sandbox. I’m not sure if this is going to be fixed, it might have already been fixed in Gmod 13.

Oh guy, thanks you, it’s working, I’ve just put +sv_defaultgamemode thegamemodehere in the launch.bat and it’s working.