Every Last Stand in TF2

It’s been a hell of a long time so i’m sure quite a bit of the posing is off

Um, yah. Hate to be a dick, but this is just a really bad pic.

Some really weird finger and eye posing going on here. Actually, all the poses are kinda… wonky.

So, uh, keep… practicing?

What is with the faceposing :tinfoil:

I’m failing to see any wonky fingers or eyes…could you point them out

And the face posing is a bit off…been awhile since hwm

It appears Heavy ate some laxative.

I remember your name, who are you? Could you post some of your old pictures?

I use to post here quite a bit; but it’s been a long time. I lost a lot of my old stuff but I have a bit you may recognize. Most of my old threads don’t have their pictures anymore due to filesmelt either deleting them or being reused due to file names.


you actually posted in this one heh