Every player has STEAM_ID_PENDING!

I have a dedicated srcds server running on linux, obviously with wine.

As long as I just give everyone my IP, people can join just fine. However, every player who joins has STEAM_ID_PENDING as their steam id. And it’s persistant, server has been on for hours.

Causes such things as the server thinking we’re all the same player and we can undo each other’s props. Also I cannot make myself the admin.

I should have ports properly forwarded and any other network thing correctly set as other servers for other games work just fine from the same PC.

Getting really desperate.

Add +ip to your server’s launch parameters
Put your router to bridge mode so you can test if it’s port forwarding’s fault.
Make sure your binaries aren’t modified.

For my wine server this “mode” stays for 2 minutes before my server and valve’s servers make contact with each other and give players unique ids, before this every player will have the same RP name/access rights/undo history/etc which really annoys me as in worst case I have to kick the fast joining users. I really wonder, why the delay.

Also, how’s it going with the physics bugs? Does jalopy work for example (has physics?) or can you walk on gm_construct’s white room?

Strange… today the first time when I tried the server it worked just fine, however it crashed when a friend tried to join. After restarting, no luck.

Adding that ip thing didn’t help at all. I let it stay on for around 5-10 minutes and nothing happened. Putting my router in bridge mode for the server computer turned out to be quite hard, and didn’t work. However I’m fairly certain the problem isn’t with ports. All my other servers on any computer here, even on the same one, do work. Binaries shouldn’t be modified in any way, they’re straight from the hldsupdatetool. And I have even tried the -verify_all parameter with no change in the issue.

No physics bugs on the server. Jalopy worked just fine, and walking in the white room had no problems either. I could even with the jalopy in the white room!

Some bugs do exist though. Occasionally, especially if something spazzes hard, things might just disappear. Also getting a quite a lot of errors and crashes. For example some of the basic buttons in the tool menu cause the server to jam.

Server is from time to time also a bit laggy but I believe that’s only because the pc running it is way too under powered. Only some old 900mhz p3.


I have the server on now and after 40-50 minutes of playing with PENDINGs, we got our steam_ids. Changing the map also gave me admin and stopped the undo bug.

However… I still believe there is something wrong because waiting for almost an hour everytime to just get IDs isn’t very optimal.


Now that my friend had to rejoin because of power failure, the server crashed again.

So I’m briging a new problem for you to solve. Server crashes if a player joins when IDs have already been got.

I have only two solutions to this problem.

Redownload the entire server or don’t use Linux.

Wouldn’t run it on linux if I had a chance.

Also I don’t see how redownloading the entire server would make any difference. -verify_all should do the trick making sure everything’s right.

It probably has something to do with how Wine works then.

Most servers run via Wine have surface problems, so yours must be screwing up on authenticating players.

If you don’t have a choice to not run Linux then the best thing I can say is to redownload the server and try again.

If that doesn’t work i’m afraid you are out of luck. :frowning:

Oh and by the way, which wine version? Physics bugs miraclously disappeared on your server means that you’re probably using latest betas or really old wine.


Try also running a native Linux game server. Something like Team Fortress 2 server and check if you can get ids in it to see if it’s your Internet connection which breaks your connection to valve servers.

Haven’t used the server in a while so I almost forgot the whole issue.

However… the wine version… can’t remember exactly as the server pc isn’t currently and I can’t be arsed turning it on. Anyway, a few weeks ago when I downloaded it, it was the newest version on the packet control program in ubuntu. Yesterday I noticed that wine has an update(which I didn’t download yet) so i suppose the version I have is one release before the newest one. And I also have to admit that it’s not perfectly free of physics bugs. Props seem to glitch and spazz somewhat more easily than on other servers. No surface problems whatsoever though. Would also be possible that the former one is caused by simply the fact that the pc running the server isn’t too powerful.

What comes to other games on native linux, they work just fine. CS:S, HL2DM and a game called Sourceforts work. None are Ep2 engine games but I honestly don’t think that could matter. The problem is obviously somehow related to either wine itself having networking problems or that wine is unable to properly emulate the networking code of the source engine. I’m going to have to try downloading the newest version of wine and see if the problem is solved.

Hmm, it’s far away from a network glitch. It has something to do with file access or similar.
See http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=664414

About your spazzing out, I’ve got no idea. You might have imagined it or you are running your server underpowered. You could try increasing the physics iterations from 4 to 5 or 6. I’m using value 1 as my server doesn’t need any heavy physics calculations and it works well in 1 :slight_smile:

I believe that the pc running it is just underpowered which probably causes the spazzes.
However… the spazzings aren’t the problem here, are they…

If the Steam Id problem had something to do with file access wouldn’t it mean that it shouldn’t ever be able to give Id’s to players? As I’ve told, people seem to start getting those IDs after playing for some time, ranging from 40 mins to 2 hours.

Also, Python, you asked me to contact you some time ago. I did(in steam friends) but you never accepted me or something. I with the name SouP in friends.

In fact I’ve got the same problem with id assigning, it starts working in 2 minutes after the server has fully loaded, really annoying. And no, I really don’t have a solution for this. I have only coded a script for SourceMOD which enables a password for 2 minutes so players don’t come while the server is on “failmode”.

Another weird bug of wine? I’ll look into it later.

I’ve been rather busy (school had a test week) I’ll try to contact you as soon as … possible. So that we could try to help each other.

Please tell us if you get anything. Having the same problem…

As previously said, don’t use Linux.

Try and find out what Windows DLL’s (if any) the server exe uses, then download them, put them in system32 (wine folder), and set them to native in the winecfg dll override section