Every Star Wars Chase Ever


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The hand-walking one is just the best thing ever.



What map is that?


I absolutely hate how accurate this is… Haha,

Great scene! Posing is spot on except for the rebel’s pinky, not sure why it bothers me. Not much atmosphere, looks really flat, but doesn’t take away from the overall picture.

Good job!

How can one complain about atmosphere on this kind of picture? It’s amazing(-ly accurate)

Good points; I’m pretty anal about fingerposing, and I’m fairly surprised I missed both that and the hand stand trooper’s fingers. As for atmosphere I was kinda going for the prison cell look a la Episode IV, where it’s just an octagonal-ish hallway and little else.

My only gripe looking at it is the NPC-looking stormtrooper in the very back that has different lighting from everyone else.

Those white panels on either side of the model are built in light sources in game. It was either have one trooper be lit differently or have the end of the hallway remain empty.

And yes, it is a ragdoll.

exactly what i was expecting

glad to see that someone can edit laser bolts properly too

Now I can only imagine a whole battalion of storm troopers walking around on their hands.

Very excellent scene; love the storm troopers on the right carrying each other.