Every time I compile, "HL2.exe Has Stopped Working" pops up, and Hammer closes.

I’ve optimized my map and everything. My computer has no problem with anything else, I can run nearly any game at 60FPS, and my CPU and everything is fine. Anything you have ideas that I should optimize? Or any settings I can change?

The compiler takes forever too, it used to be really fast until this town started expanding, obviously. Now it won’t compile though.

Maybe your computer can’t handle Hammer and a game being open at the same time? Try compiling with the “Don’t run game after compiling” option checked and then launching the game and load up the map from there.

That’s what I’ve always done lol

Oh, and it can. I’ve ran Garry’s Mod and had Hammer Compiling before with no problems and it running fine. lol

Post the compile log.