Every time I facepose in Team Fortress 2.. I get this.


What is going wrong?


Eyes aside, I’m not sure. I know the TF2 models usually have faceposing issues though.

I REALLY want to know.

It’s a zombie

You can’t use presets for TF2 models, they have different ways of doing it than the HL2 stuff, just don’t use presets.


Good fucking god

I just watched that for the first time yesterday. I’m of course assuming this is an Event Horizon Reference.

turn the expression scale up and down, works for me

Set the expression scale to 11-12.

I get the some problem too.

Use some different expressions than the ones that show at the top.

Set the scale to something like 0.4.

Come back and tell us…

Presets work if you fix the scale

Other than the necklace, I would never be able to tell what class that was. What the fucking christ …

Make a machinima featuring it as a monster/mutant.

every TF2 ragdoll have this problem. they’re hard to facepose!

They work differently than HL2’s ragdolls, mess with the expression scale until it looks ok

it burns!!!

Don’t use presets.



Searched for TF2 GMod Posing and got this:

Despite it’s written in Portuguese, I actually lol’d.

Typical reaction to Mingebags crashing servers.