Every time I try to Open Garry's Mod I get an error Message?

I try to open the game and get this error, **SteamStartup() failed: SteamStartup(0xf, 0x0xbfffec4c failed with error 1: Failed create pipe:0 **please help, Thank you.

Restart your computer.

That didn’t work.

Are you sure it’s not saying “Failed to create masterpipe”.?

I’m sure heres a picture of the exact Error that pops up as soon as I try to open GMod,

Macfag here also, I’m getting the same thing.

the last update of steam killed the mac client, actually all hl2 (source) engine based games are f*cked up.
here is a solution: download an older steam.app

I will try this hopefully it works, Thanks.

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That Solution worked thank you so much!