Every weapon in Larry's Weapon Pack Phonged and Bumpmapped.


Just because you put phong on everything, and a flat bumpmap, doesn’t make it much (if at all) better.

Well now it doesn’t fullbright when you put a lamp on it.

Phong saves alot of work when editing screenshots.
I approve.

Well I guess that’s something. Good job?

Now, to make all of the models that are the same thing but with different textures into 1 model, with lots of skins.

looks good
and whats phong?

Thank you soooooooo much!

If this is true , why didn’t you just use the nvidia tools to create a Normalmap from the Diffuse texture?

Yeah it doesn’t look like there’s any bumpmaps on that 3rd picture of the gun there.

Because I really didn’t feel like creating over 1000 bumpmaps for each individual texture, no matter how quick it would be to make them.

Lack of patience and will basically.

It’s completely unnecessary for world models of guns. Unless you are taking screenshots of guns are point blank, there is no reason.

Now, unless you have something with a huge, flat surface, then yes. then you’d need a texture. but if you have a custom gun model that’s already got tons of polygons on it, the phong won’t be on a large enough surface to have any obvious errors.

Also, I think this pack is unnecessary as well. If people don’t know how to phong/bumpmap their own stuff, then they should be shit out of luck.

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Well some people just don’t want to.

Plus I was bored and thought why not release when I was done :banjo:

I find it useful, downloaded!

He deliberately didn’t add this to save disk space/performance/spawnicon loads.

My good FP chums were is the original currently residing?

If you talk to us like that again, your going to be feeling things you have never felt before…

Also…i don’t know

Usefull, thank you Enhanced!

good job

Makes stuff shiny.

If you want a example MW2 has it up the ass.