Everyday I'm Bufferin'! ( Gmod Machinima )

Feat. Heavy and Ultimate Grampa ( From “the Legend of Street Dancing” )

Did you make the dance-sequence yourself? In that case, great work! I loved it!

That was outstanding.
Glad to see someone was listening when I asked about making the video into a machinima.


Fitting how I needed to buffer the video before I watched it.

what addons u useD?

Do not [del]accept drinks from[/del] I mean, do not give this man ideas, He is a very poor poster and a horrible video maker.


can u shut the fuck up? stupid kid

Can you do better in Gmod?

Yes. That’s not a coherent argument, regardless.

Useless flame.

It might be HAT?

It’s mocap.

Its from Umpa’s Animations
( http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=118632 )

That was amazing.

Please do make more.