Everyone Around Me Freezes & I cant interact with the world

On every server I have joined I find that the first time I play its all well and good, but the next time I join the game, for the first five minutes everything is well and good. But after the five minutes I notice I can’t pickup items and all players are freezen in place for me. I am still there and I am still moving for other players in game, I can die and everything, but for me I remain alive not being able to do anything. I have looked all over the forums and through the internet and I still can’t find a solution. I have tried many things and nothing works. I beleive its called desyncing or ghosting, I have a windows 8.1 PC and I thought that problem only occures on XP. Anyone with any possible solutions please feel free to try and help

PC Specs:

  • i7 4770k
  • 16GB of Ram
  • GTX 680 4GB Classified Ed
  • All water cooled running at low temps

It’s a problem with your connection so no matter what specs you have, it’s unrelated.

Are you playing on a wireless network?
Are you playing on a local server? (if available)

I am playing through Ethernet, What do you mean local server?

My internet is not very good, I normally on steam get 200kb/s to 350kb/s download

A speed test I did had these results,
The closest sever were my ping was 18ms with 1.52 Mbps Down | 0.66 Mbps Up

The servers I am trying to join on Rust are dedicatied severs not hosted by friends and are around 70 ping for me which is quite good, normally I sit on around 100 ping on most games, and I have never had a problem like this on any other game

your ping is good, but the dl/ul speeds are pretty poor. rust has to transmit a lot of information all the time, so it needs more bandwidth than that.

other games such as tf2 have pretty minimal dl/ul requirements, so they can’t really be compared to rust, which is not only still early in development, but proceedurally generated with player generated constructs.

But Like I said, I played rust for maybe 6 hours straight yestrday without a single problem, only when I closed it and came back its started doing these weird things, I played alot of legacy like 40 hours and never had this etc… Im really not sure what to do :confused:

what has changed in your internet connection? have you moved? changed provider? someone on the same modem downloading porn?

legacy was less demanding in a lot of ways; being able to play legacy is no longer proof you can play new rust.

I don’t think it’s internet speed, i’m sharing a 4Mb/s (roughly 500kb/s) with 4 others and i rarely have any connection problems.

Test on other servers to see if you have the same problems.

when was the last time you reset your router? Sometimes they get in these moods

I reset my router a day before the problems, I have been playing on Vanilla Servers and had no problems joining off and on at all times with no problems, it seems there is something wrong my modded server… My net was fine on vanilla :confused:

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Na man, It doesnt seem like my net is the problem I have been playing on a few other vanilla servers for the last 2 days and been great, it seems there is something wrong with my rust and modded servers :confused: Any thoughts?

remove the mods on your server. and perhaps the server that you rent might have a shity internet connection

This could be too much of a coincidence , try to reset again and make sure all wires a fitting securely in modem

just a thought

Im not renting a server :confused: I am trying to play on other dedicated servers

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I have given it another try, un-pluged and re-plugged them and nothing has changed :confused: I really think its something in my files something to do with my plugins or something because, I can play on a vanilla community server just fine so why cant I play on a modded community server :confused:

So as an update, Its still not working but I have found that I can play community vanilla servers with no problems

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I just discorvered something new, I decided to open up and see what my in-game Network Information was doing and I found, that when this problem happens, these values stop and go to 0

Message bytes per second resent: 0
Message bytes per second returned: 0
Message bytes per second ignored: 0

& My totals are stopped too…

make sure in rust properties that you are in the none -opt out of beta if you are then

If i were you i would UN-install and install again you may have downloaded corrupted files from other modded servers
but make sure all your files in steam folder are gone before you try to install again