Everyone dies in the end.

"Don’t worry, Ellis. We’ll be together with the others soon…"


Original: X

Poses(If you’re interested): X

C&C appreciated, I hope this screenshot was worthy of a thread.

Wow that’s awesome, this is my wallpaper now!

Im not the only one here who has played a zombie apocalypse scenario in my head am i? and thought what i would really do.


I hope not.

No, you’re not alone. I’ve even ordered a shitload of handbooks of how to survive a zombie apocalypse. They’re due this week 8D.

Good editing there Sorter. Like the theme to. Nice work.
One art delivered.

It actually shits me up, of the thought of being on my own. If that happened, i would probably kill myself.

Thank you for your kind words :).

I don’t think there’s a sane person who wouldn’t. You have two options:

  1. Slowly get torn apart by zombies as they feed on you.
  2. Go down in a big bang taking a few with you.

Ellis has the ugliest fucking neck in the world.

Mayhaps, your point?

Maybe some C&C so some mod doesn’t see your post that, in my opinion, doesn’t help me or contribute to this thread in any which way.

However, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the comical value of your post ;). I would just like to improve, and for that I need pointers.

Well yea, if everyone is gone, then what are you surviving for?


I’m not here to help nor give a rat shit about our mods seeing my post.
All they want is there cookies, there fucking cookies man. It’s like back in Antonina,
all I wanted was my damn Brazilian Coffee, grinded and brewed to a delicious delicate coffee.
Something made of warmth and moist as a piece of cake.
Like the Black Forest Cake with delicious cherry cream in the middle.
Why can’t I just get what I want and do what I want.
Why must I have you suggest the way I post in your thread.
I just want my coffee man.



Well a pretty much pointless life then isnt it. Surviving because you can, would be fine if you had something to live for. But living on your own in fear of being eaten alive every day of your life, with no goal, and no hope, is kinda pointless, dont you think?

You derp the great Bubz. Then you say what life is in only a few sentences.
I’ve seen people, but not people like this. You must be really emotional.
Deep words bro.

I don’t think so?

Done even bother understanding what he posts. Hes one of the biggest trolls in this section.

Classify me as a troll again. Do it.

Everything you do here makes no sense to me.

Everything I do here makes no sense to you, so you call me a troll?
I have never directly nor indirectly ever trolled one of you.
I would never put such harm in such a place of fatigue and politeness.
You must be crazy to go around pointing fingers. Especially at Bubz.
Bubz created your inner optimistic feelings.
I created a power that is strong within this side of the forums.
It makes mods hunger for amusement and laugh at us. It makes me post pictures that occur in a series.
It also makes new people cry there guts when I post my threads.
It makes me want to cry when I see people like you, be the troll.

Music + picture makes me sad. :<