Everyone has abnormally high ping on my server, running DarkRP

I’m running a DarkRP server, and this issue has started happening around this week; everyone’s ping is abnormally high. If you were to type ‘ping’ in console, the ping for everyone is either sitting around 130+ or is well above that. For reference, this is a 50 slot server hosted with NFOServers, and this happens almost regardless as to the amount of players on the server. At two players, ping seems to be normal. At nine players, ping goes to around 90+. At 18 or so players, ping goes to 120+, and it just gets worse the more slots are filled, to a certain extent. The server is still playable when the full 50 slots are filled up, but the lag is definitely noticeable. I’ve talked with NFOServer’s support and we’ve come to the conclusion that it is most likely one of my addons, but we can’t pin it down, unfortunately, simply because the server is filled quite often and the issue only happens with a number of players online, it’s hard to do a process of elimination to see which one it is.

For reference, I know that it’s not prop spam; if I clean the server while it’s filled ping stays that high and doesn’t go down at all. The props aren’t the cause, evidently; NFO support says one or more of our addons are taking up a lot of CPU. This issue has existed for a while, to the point where we had to set the server tickrate from 66 to 33, and then after a while we had to request to NFO to stop automatically shutting down our server for high CPU usage.

My question is, is there a way I can try and figure out which addon might be causing this, or if it’s not an addon at all? What are some suggestions to try and fix this? Below is the info you’ll need, including my conversation with NFO support and my addons.

NFO support conversation
Legacy Addon List
Workshop Addon List