everyone has godmode!!

So like the title said, everyone in my server has god-mode. Ive checked to make sure it was not enabled as an admin thing so i typed in False. i have even reset the server. Anyone else having this issue?

lol this is why 9 yr olds shouldn’t own servers.

Know what you are talking about before you talk out of your ass. If you don’t have anything useful to say then don’t post a reply. Thank you and good day.

I had to do reinstall our server after oxmin 1.8 gave players godmode then the second time just animals…

Ok so it’s not just me. Had me worried. Ill do a reinstall and see if i get the same results. Thanks Viles

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Uninstalled all of the Oxide mods but reinstalled the base and share door plugin and now its working fine. Going to try adding the oxmin 1.8 now.

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OK so reinstalled Oxmin, God-mode came back. No PVP damage and no PVE damage, no RAD damage, Zombies take no damage with body shots but head shots still kill them. Deer, bears wolves pigs take no damage. Rabbits and Chickens still do though.

Now that you know what the problem is, I suggest sending in a ticket to the dev of that mod so he can be aware what is going on with it. May be a bug in the coding on his end. Also, make sure it’s compatible with your other mods. Sometimes mod incompatibility causes problems like this.

I’m also having this same problem. Any updates on this? Uninstalled all the oxide stuff and reinstalled it…

Its the Oxmin plug-in not the base or the door sharing, which are the only ones I’ve used so far. As to the ticket, about to do that now.

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just posted on there forums. I will re post there response here.

For those of you wanting to know, Check your Oxide mod and make sure it is 1.81 and not 1.8. It is being said this will fix the issues.

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wait one, more to come.

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Disregard last, Latest news from Wulfspider " I’d recommend requesting your host downgrade you to 1.7 until further testing is done with 1.8.x. @thomasfn

Going forward, I’ve requested that more testing be done before releases are pushed out. I believe Thomas is the only one who tests right now, but I’ll be joining the testing once I am able. "