Everyone is an admin.

For some weird reason, on my server (non-dedicated, launched through menu) everyone is an admin and can use all admin things such as change limits, spawn in god weapons, and clean up everything, completely ruining the game.

Each time a player joins, this error pops up: RunConsoleCommand: Command has invalid characters! (fadmin setaccess Lolkat admin (’ '))
The first parameter of this function should contain only the command, the second parameter should contain arguments.

I don’t even have any darkrp addons as far as I know.

Help would be appreciated.

Its one of your addons, if you can figure out which one, report it so it can be banned. ( Report here or through workshop flagging )

My issue is I can’t exactly pinpoint which addon is causing the issue. Is there a way I could display all my subscribed addons?

Click on addons on the main menu.

I know that but display them all so everyone could see them



All my addons. Most of them are disabled ATM.

Okay? Disable all of them and see if the problem still exists.