Everyone is invis and it says i dont have the texts

Hello for the past year now i have not been able to play Gmod becuase everyone is Invis and the maps and guns are f-up, i have CSS and HL and all the other games you need to have textures but one day after the last update when i got it was all fucked up and ive tried everything to get it fixed, everytime i get on TTT or anything the Console says this (45Error Vertex File for ‘player/group01/male_08.mdl’ id 0 should be 1448297545Error Vertex File for ') and it just makes it impossible to play! i have uninstalled and got rid of all my addons but still nothing but when i play it on someone elses computer it works fine? this is my last try on fixing it but if this doesnt then idk…

Reinstall GMod by deleting your garrysmod folder in steamapps/common (in some cases it’s in steamapps/(username)), turning off Steam Cloud sync (Steam --> Right click on Garry’s Mod --> Properties --> Steam Cloud), deleting local content (Right click on Garry’s Mod) and reinstalling.

Steam > Right click on Garry’s Mod > Properties > Verify Game Cache Integrity might help.