Everyone is unbanned

Everyone is unbanned from toybox

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That’s really nice of you bro, I wasn’t actually banned… but still it is a nice gesture.

Out of interest, how could of you gotten banned from Toybox?

Being an ass in the comments.

Garry, I love you. Thank you so much!

That, or the bad luck some just had.

So now that the skiddies have learned their lessons, they might aswell start to upload crap entities/weapons :saddowns:

OT: Your avatar speaks the truth.

Well, i learned my lesson, FLAMING ON TOYBOX IS SUICIDE!

What toybox?


thats cool


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is my guess

well, i got a pm from gwilty saying that he unbanned everyone because it is christmas, i think banned pepole might have recieved a pm too. so, my guess is that he unbanned everyone as a christmas charity.

Everyone, on Christmas Day, donate to your local charity or other organizations such as the World Food Programme (WFP).

Thanks! Although I’m not banned.

Actually, I wanted to send Garry a big bucket o’ popcorn.

Soo… That’s all?


And that’s why I’m not ever commenting or uploading to Toybox.

Just don’t copy, make dumb remarks, and being a general minge, and you should be ok. :smile:

I would love to be unbanned because I was false banned for “Pirating” the game when I didn’t