Everyone new is gonna find a group or join or make one ! Rust gonna be a team game from now on

since you are able to buy a key and everyone is going to be finding a group join a group or making one which means people who are solo like I are going to find it harder to survive.

put don if your goin to join a group or make one or if you have swagger a survive by yourself ! good luck to anyone who tries to raid me once I get on the game

Even though the way of survival is joining a group, an announcement is not necessary. Also the OP was horrid.

If you do want to team up, use this thread.

I don’t plan to team up tbh don’t have to share anything give anything or let anyone in or out my house !

I bet you 50$ you will change that oppinion in less than a week :wink:

Get some trusted friends to play and start a group with them, then take in people you meet in game. That could work out maybe

And slowly watch it all fall apart.

If you’re referring to Dynasty, it’s because they took too many in. Keep the group to the best, don’t let in too many.