Everyone thinks i'm crazy, but i saw a meteor shower last night, can someone confirm?!

I was at the peak of a snowy mountain in the middle of the night, when the sky lit up with meteors falling to earth. A few landed not far in front of me, was absolutely awesome to watch, and lasted AGES!

Can a dev confirm, or anyone else that has witnessed this event?

I saw something like that once, but it was pretty small and seemed to come from nowhere. I assumed it was a tracer or some kind of shrapnel effect from a gun. Didnt hear a sound and havent seen it since. Also it lasted about 1 second.

This couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a meteor shower, for it was awesomely animated, and they were fireballs coming from the sky, smashing into the snow.

Man, I wish i caught it on fraps!!! Best thing i’ve seen in the game so far. This game, other than the various bugs that will be sorted eventually, is going to be awesome!

If youre serious and you really saw that I’m very jealous.

Nothing on the twitter in the passed month about it.

I need a dev to confirm, it was on VANRUST server last night, but i KNOW what i saw! There is NO way i saw anything other than what i described! I’m as amazed as everyone i’ve told, best thing i’ve seen since playing the new Rust!..

Please, can a dev confirm what i saw?

thompson fired into the air, lots of spent ammo, i do it all the time, looks amazing at night.

was nothing like that though Tevax, I literally saw fireballs from the sky smashing into the snow in front of me!

Lol, this is like seeing a ghost and no one believes you, now i know how Big Bird felt with Snuffleuppergus :smiley:

it does look like fireballs falling from the sky into the snow… when the bullets finally come back down.

I’ll have to test the theory Tevax and let you know, though i heard no gunfire, but you still may be right.

I swear to God I saw G-man in south hacker valley on Jan 16th 2014 @ 4:17 PM Pacific time on deadpools f shack legacy server.

Nobody will ever believe me.

you’re not going to hear the gunfire if im 800 meters away shooting into the night sky.

I want to Believe.

The right man in the wrong place can make aaalll the diffffference in the woorrld.

Tevax, your theory is the most likely, so until it happens again, I’ll go with your assumption…

You’re just crazy.

Thanks for the mature, intelligent reply, I’ll treat it with the contempt it deserves…

well, since we’re on the subject, i did see this naked guy with a beard and a metal hatchet last night…

Thanks for the retarded, useless, childish spam. I’ll treat it with the contempt it deserves.

Well if it lasted as long as you claim surely you had enough time to hit the screen shot button…