Everything above your neck's gonna be a fine red mist... (Wallpaper Version Included)

Sniper aiming at a nearby red pyro.


WALLPAPER VERSION! YAAY! (Media tagged for hugeness)


that is by far the strangest way to hold a sniper rifle i’ve seen yet…

It doesn’t look that good

DoF overkill

Bloom is way too much

He’s a left handed shooter?

He’s holding it correctly (I checked with many images before posing), but I guess it’s the perspective that foold you, because the rest f the arm is visible behind the camera :slight_smile:

A whole lot of clipping with the hands, and he also appears to have an incredibly bad sun burn (over kill on the bloom)

Yeah, of course he is, look at this pict…




Standard bloom. I guess I could make some changes, though.


Why in hell is the Sniper Rifle in “Meet the Sniper” smaller than the one in GMod? Same thing goes with the Balisong Butterfly Knife >:C

This map looks like shit. Also, once again : DO NOT spam DOF on your screen, it looks like shit. The posing of the sniper is weird. Cannot really criticize the Pyro, because i can’t see it enough.

Perspective + heat-waves (you know, if it is reeeaaaly warm moutside, you can see the airwaves).


And what’s wrong with the posing of the head?
He’s looking into the scope, nothing weird with that.

I think its not bad. The only thing I can really say is try a different map just to make it more epic.

The bloom needs to be toned down and have far less colour in it.

I’m sorry, but even in a desert with like 50°C, you won’t have so much blur. You wouldn’t have any. Just some heat waves.

Pretty bland.

The editing hurts my eyes.

He’s tilting the gun as well, you never tilt a rifle when you shoot, ruins accuracy, the scope markings become useless, that looks kinda weird as well.