Everything From TF2 Won't Spawn in Dedicated Server

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have a dedicated server that is up to date (using SteamCMD) and I’ve wanted to use the TF2 section of my spawnlist but when I click it, nothing spawns. It makes the sound, the console says I spawned it, but it won’t appear.

I’m using Windows 7; thought I’d mention that. Now, I’m pretty sure there is a rather simple solution for this but I can’t quite seem to figure that out. :stuck_out_tongue: So as hard as it is, try to not be rude about it. xD

Anywho, if you know how to fix my problem, please give clear step by step instructions for me to follow.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that I have gone into a TF2 server, and have validated the files. Still doesn’t work.

Have you mounted tf2 via mount.cfg?

Don’t think I have done that manually. However there is something like “c:\mytf2server” and there’s no such file (plus it has \ so I’m pretty sure that does nothing anyway lol).

What’s the process for doing it on Windows 7?

Read that tutorial:

That was already in the mount.cfg file and it still doesn’t work.

Anyone have any suggestions? I really want to fix this.

Did you download the TF2 content via SteamCMD?
Team Fortress 2 dedicated server - 232250
Also can you post your mount.cfg

No I did not download TF2 through the SteamCMD. Where would I want to download all the content too? Anywhere specific? Btw, thank you for relying. :slight_smile:

It would be best to install it to the parent directory of gmod, so if gmod is in c:/server/gmodstuff put tf2 in c:/server/tf2content
Then when you add it to the config make sure you point it to the tf2 folder.

Thank you, I’ll do this when I get back home. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Pandaman09! You’ve fixed my issue. :smiley: