"Everything I knew is gone. What other choice do I have?" Louis 'bout to kill himself


His arm looks really awkward, but that’s the only thing I can see wrong with it. Artistic’d

I’m pretty sure he’d overdose long before he’d shoot himself.

You could follow a rainbow and punch a leprechaun :q:

Very nice, have a palette

Really nice lights :slight_smile:
But its true, his arm looks weird.

Yea, the lights are nice. You use like a high film grain filter to get that violetish brightness near the lightning edges?

shoulda just made it from the other direction so he wouldnt have to reach awkwardly like that

plus i think if youre shooting yourself in da haid i dont think youll care which hand you use

You would still naturally pick it up with your good hand though.

Regardless, the awkwardness of this pose it what makes it so realistic.

It ought to be a pill box and not a gun he is reaching for. Nevertheless. I like it. Have a artistic.

come on. if theres something to the left of me, ima grab it with my left hand, esp. if its far enough away that i have to really reach for it

Nope. I use the chromatic abberation filter to make some… chromatic abberations.

We’re not talking about some random object though are we? This is a pistol, a pistol he intends to fire. He is naturally going to pick it up with his right hand.

I feel like he should be leaning toward the gun more, but everything else is perfect.

Yeah, no. No mandatory.

its not like he needs to aim it or anything! unless his left arm suffers from alien hand syndrome there is no conceivable reason that he couldn’t just pick it up with his left hand.

He would probably pick it up with his right hand. I would. The posing is the only (minor) problem.

Damn. You don’t need a fucking reason to do something in real life. Open up your eyes.

He should jump from a height, there’s a less chance you’ll die in a Headshot, and that could give zombies time to come in and bite the fuck out of you

You gotta be kidding me…

No seriously if he doesn’t use a high enough caliber or doesn’t aim DIRECTLY at the brain he could get the bullet lodged in his skull and be simply incapacitated, slowly and painfully dying.