Everything is black, with no names?

Hi. I just installed Gmod on my older computer, and it ran fine. But then when I installed…

-Weight Stool

…all of the grass and most other materials went all black in gm_construct! Then, as I went to start gm_construct to take a screenshot for this thread, the whole thing froze at the map loading screen!
Here are my specs. (This is an old computer, but as I stated, it worked fine before PHX3 and Wire)

-Intel 910 Express Chipset
-Intel Pentium 4CPU 2.9ghz
-504mb of RAM
-Windows XP 32bit, Service Pack 3


The video card shouldn’t even have run the game in first place. And both phx and wire are quite a ram hog, you should have at the very least 1,5gb to run both.

Lol oops.
Well, for some reason without addons, I can run Gmod at a good, smooth framerate. (Like, 20~35fps)
And it runs ok, but with a few errors with Wire, but then PHX killed it. So, just try uninstalling PHX?