Everything is EXTREMELY slow.

After the SteamPipe update, everything got really, REALLY slow, to the point of freezing. I have to wait 5+ minutes EACH to download an addon, or join a server. It even takes 5+ minutes to get on single player, but I notice that FPS isn’t harmed at all. Any help on speeding these processes up?

Try verifying your cache
If that doesn’t work, try doing an addon clean.
If that doesn’t work, reinstall Garry’s Mod.

Thanks, haven’t tried that. Also, could it be that I still use the steamapps directory?

Is your folder in (username) or common?

It’s in username. Sorry, should have said that.

Delete the one in (username) and reinstall. It should be in common.

Done. Helped a lot, but still a little freezes here and there. Probably some add-on. Thanks!

No problem! Addons do cause lag through; try to minimize to only ones you need.