Everything is so... different in Gmod, compared to ep2.

In this thread, i am mostly complaining about animations.

I recently replayed ep2 (on my ps3) and i compared the animations in ep2 to the animations of gmod with ep2 mounted. The biggest thing is, no advanced animations. For example: The zombie. In ep2, i discovered something amazing- shoot it in the leg, and it will stumble and sometimes fall. Same with the zombine. Another thing is the combat animations. Watching that vort fight the zombies and zombines in the mine was awesome, because it would break the zombies attack, bring it to the ground, and smash its headcrab. The hunter was something else that bothered me. On Gmod, when a hunter is killed, it just goes limp and falls. In ep2, it stumbles, then go limp.

Why didnt the animations carry over from ep2 when gmod mounted it?

Because Garry never bothered to update the scripting and the animations.

What BagMinge101 said. But I’ve seen a hunter stumble and fall before :slight_smile: